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Biggest Events to Bet On


A special prop bet that the first score of the super bowl would be a safety won a bettor $40,000 in 2014.

America’s Most Popular Betting Sports

Whether it’s placing a bet on the NBA playoffs, or the number of sacks in the Super Bowl, large sporting events are golden for bookmakers, with the notoriety of such events really catching the eye of the public. When sports stars such as LeBron James or Tom Brady are battling it out for a title, the global viewing figures peak, and the number of potential bettors rises.
The boom in online betting has allowed for gamblers to place bets while sitting and watching sporting events in their homes, which can as easily be amongst friends as it would be attempting to make serious money. Betting franchisees have attempted to capitalize on the craze of US Sports betting over the years, with popular sportsbook BookMaker offering insane odds on a huge variety of popular sports events. They have even introduced markets on the presidential elections, showing the extent people are willing to go to, to gamble on certain events.

Substantial Super Bowl betting leads way for America’s new national pastime

The most popular single sporting event on the calendar is the Super Bowl which always takes place on the first Sunday in February. The week leading up to Super Bowl Sunday sees the game scrutinized by the world’s media, and the amount of markets available for the match prove the enormity of an event like this for the bookmakers.
After Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos had prevailed in Super Bowl 50 over Cam Newton’s Carolina Panthers on February 7th earlier this year in Santa Clara, Fox Sports reported that $132.5 million had been wagered on the game, trumping the $119.4 million bet on the Super Bowl two years previously.
According to CBS, the American Gaming Association believe that the total amount bet on this year’s Super Bowl will have reached $4.2 billion. A large series of prop bets were available, ranging from who will be the Super Bowl MVP, to who would score the first touchdown, allowing bettors to enjoy the game whilst rooting for a number of different possibilities and outcomes.
The playoff system means that the season always culminates with the overall champion winning the final match of the season. Just like the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup in NHL, World Series in MLB and NBA Finals offer bettors the opportunity to wager on famous sporting moments, with other popular events including the Indianapolis 500 and the Kentucky Derby doing likewise.

March Madness leads sporting events where investment from betting will continue to grow

Another sporting event which has become a money-spinner in recent times is March Madness, which lasts roughly three weeks. The knockout tournament involving America’s top sporting universities does everything it can to encourage fan interaction, with the famous ‘brackets,’ a national tradition taken on by even the president of the United States.

Around $9 billion will be bet altogether on the 64-team tourney, which this year was won by the Villanova Wildcats on April 4th in Houston. Floyd Mayweather, who once revealed that he had made a profit of $6.49 million after the Miami Heat beat the Indiana Pacers in an NBA playoff contest will be set to break records once again throughout 2016.