NBA Playoffs

No sporting event has risen in popularity in recent years than the NBA playoffs. As recently as the late 1970s, NBA Finals games were not even shown live on TV. Instead, NBA fans had to wait up for late-night broadcasts of games or catch the results in the morning newspaper. Things certainly have changed in recent years. Now the NBA is rivaling the NFL and soccer for global sports superiority, with hundreds of millions of fans tuning into the NBA playoffs from all over the world.
Betting on the NBA playoffs technically begins before the start of the regular season, as bettors can place preseason bets on which teams they think will win the NBA championship. Once the playoffs kick into high gear, bets are available on individual games along with which teams will win a series. Home court advantage is a critical element in the NBA playoffs and smart bettors know to review a team’s home and road winning percentage before making any bets.
Many series will match veteran teams with up-and-comers, offering bettors a choice between experience and youthful energy. Teams that win series quickly might have additional time to rest before the next series…or the layoff might cause them to get rusty. With so many variables at work, the NBA playoffs is one of the most exciting events for bettors and fans alike.