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The Giants are one of the oldest teams in baseball. They started out in New York in 1883. As one of the oldest teams in baseball, the Giants have won more games than any other franchise. They have won six World Series Titles (1905, 1921, 1922, 1933, 1954 and 2010). The Giants have won 21 NL pennants and played in 18 World Series, both tied for first among National League teams.

In the early 20th century, the Giants were managed by John McGraw. He was hired as a player/manager in 1903 and managed the Giants for over 30 years. His was one of the most successful tenures in baseball history. McGraw’s Giants won ten NL Pennants and three World Series Championships.

Some of the greats who played for the Giants in those days include Christy Mathewson, Casey Stengel, Joe McGinnity, Bill Terry and Mel Ott.

The Giants refused to play in the 1904 World Series against the Boston Americans because McGraw viewed the AL as a minor league. This brought about the formalizing of the World Series between the two leagues in 1905. The two leagues were not to play each other except during the World Series. That became a practice that was kept up until the mid 1990s. However, the two pennant winners would meet to decide the Championship of Major League Baseball from that year forward. The Chicago Cubs won three straight pennants from 1906 to 1908 following the Giants World Series title in 1905. The Giants thought they had the 1908 pennant won over the Cubs when with two outs in the bottom of the ninth the Giants had runners on first and third. An apparent game winning single sent the fans spilling onto the field in celebration. However, the runner on first base, a 19 year old named Fred Merkle ran into the clubhouse without touching second base. This was standard practice in those days. But the Cubs second baseman or first baseman (depending on who’s account one believes to be accurate) retrieved a baseball (it may or may not have been the actual ball that was in play) and went to the umpire to get his attention and touched second base. The umpire rule Merkle out on a force play, taking away the hit and the run and leaving the game tied. The game was declared a tie which meant the Giants and Cubs were tied for first place at the end of the season and had to play a one game playoff. The Cubs won that game 4-2 and went on to win the World Series. They have not won one since. Merkle went on to play for another 18 years saddled with the nickname “Bonehead”. He would retire in 1926 and stay away from baseball until 1950 when he returned for a Giants Old Timers Game. He was given a standing ovation at the Polo Grounds.

The Giants won the 1933 World Series over the Washington Senators. Carl Hubbell was one of the pitching stars during that era. In the 1934 All-Star Game Hubbell struck out five consecutive Hall of Famers when he whiffed Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Jimmie Foxx, Al Simmons and Joe Cronin.

In 1951, one of baseball’s greatest moments happened in Game Three of the National League Championship Series between the Giants and the Dodgers. The series was brought about because the two teams tied for the National League Pennant at the end of the regular season. The Giants trailed in August by as much as 13.5 games but on the strength of a 16 game winning streak tied Brooklyn by the end of the season. In the bottom of the ninth inning of Game Three, Bobby Thompson hit a walk off home run off Ralph Branca to win the series. The famous radio call of “THE GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT! THE GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT!” is truly one of baseball’s finest moments.

In 1954, the Giants went to the World Series against the heavily favored Cleveland Indians. In Game One, Vic Wertz hit a towering drive to centerfield which at the Polo Grounds meant that it was going to stay in play. Willie Mays made an over-the-shoulder catch an astonishing 450 ft from home plate and kept the runners from scoring. The Giants went on to win the Series in a sweep over an Indians team that won 111 games that year.

Willie Mays went on to become one of the greatest players in the history of the game. He hit 660 homers in his brilliant career and had 3283 base hits. In the 50s in New York, the three centerfielders for the city’s three major league teams were Duke Snider (Dodgers), Willie Mays (Giants) and Mickey Mantle (Yankees). Arguments over which was better still go on to this day.

In 1958 the Dodgers and Giants took their show on the road, to California. The Dodgers ended up in Los Angeles and the Giants in San Francisco. In New York, the Giants had five World Series Championships to the Dodgers one. In California the Dodgers have five and the Giants have won one. The Giants won the Series in 2010 over the Texas Rangers. Tim Lincecum, Buster Posey, Edgar Renteria, Barry Zito and Brian Wilson were among the stars of that team.

One heartbreaker for the Giants came in 1962. The Yankees and Giants went to Game Seven in San Francisco. In the bottom of the ninth with the Yanks leading 1-0, the Giants had a runner on first (Matty Alou) and Willie Mays at the plate with two outs. Mays hit a double advancing Alou to third. If not for a great relay throw from Roger Maris, the game may have been tied. Another future Hall of Famer came to plate in Willie McCovey. He hit a screaming line drive that was snared by second baseman Bobby Richardson. It gave the World series Championship to the Yanks, San Francisco would end up waiting until 2010 to celebrate a World Series title.

Barry Bonds spent the bulk of his career with the Giants. He broke Hank Aaron’s career home run record of 755 and also Mark McGwire’s single season home run record of 70. Unfortunately, those records, as well as McGwire’s are tainted because of the use of performance enhancing drugs. Bonds was one of the most talented players of all time regardless of his steroid use. So was McGwire. But they will likely never be regarded as such and will probably never be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Baseball has turned a deaf ear as far as what to do about the records. They so far have chose to do nothing, but at some point someone will approach those numbers again and baseball will have to deal with it.

Newcomers to the Giants in 2014 include Juan Gutierrez, Tim Hudson, Brandon Hicks, and Michael Morse.


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