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The trend in the NBA is going toward “super teams” where some of the game’s elite players are teaming up together to increase their odds on winning the NBA Championship. After Lebron James and Chris Bosh went to Miami to team up with Dwayne Wade, the rest have gotten the message.
The Lakers will likely field a trio of Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Dwight Howard in the upcoming NBA season. This will make them one of the favorites to win it all. Miami did not stand pat after winning the NBA Championship. They went out and added Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis in the off season.

In Brooklyn, the Nets are looking to put together a super trio of their own. Look for them to be active in trades this summer. They already have in place, Deron Williams. Don’t be too shocked if the Nets end up with a big time center, either Andrew Bynum or possibly still Dwight Howard.
When doing you research on the NBA teams, think of them almost as college teams. It is said college teams need at least three future NBA players to compete for the Final Four. Imagine the Olympic teams as the next level up for the NBA. The teams who will compete for the Championship are the ones who have the most Olympians on them.

In the past few seasons, the trend has also been that the Western Conference is a bit better than the Eastern Conference. This is still the case, especially since Howard left Orlando for Los Angeles. For whatever reason, to make the playoffs in the West, you need to get to about 50 wins. In the East, you may make it with 40. So keep this in mind when placing bets on East vs. West games.

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