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College basketball is a difficult sport to keep up with. There are 350 Division I schools trying to get to the NCAA Tournament. That is a bit tough to follow on your own.

Like college football, all these schools are not on equal footing. Budgets and stadiums vary greatly within D-I college hoops. The fan bases can be as different as night and day as well. On one end of the spectrum you may have schools like Kentucky, Indiana, and North Carolina where basketball means everything, not just to the students, but the whole state. On the other you have small private schools with 1,000 students and most of them don’t have any idea where the gym is.

Like football, college basketball teams are broken up into conferences. Each of these conferences has a tournament at season’s end, and the winner will get an automatic bid into the NCAA Tournament. That will normally make up about half of the field. The rest will be chosen by a committee and will receive at large bids, based on wins-losses, strength of schedule, and whether they will admit it or not, name recognition.

Many times these schools will play each other and like in football, you may get some enormous point spreads. Just remember, they are big for a reason.

That is why we break down each team for you. We will give you their schedules, stats, game recaps and more.

We will make it as easy as possible to stay informed, not just on the top teams in the sport, but on all of them. So maybe when March Madness comes around, you’ll know which “Cinderellas” are there to dance, and which ones are just glad to be there.

Featured Matchup
February 20, 9:00 PM
Pete Maravich Assembly Center
Best Odds
Team record
Best Odds
+412 (-110)
-4 (-110)
149 o -110
149 u -110
Feb 20