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College football has several divisions. For the purposes of the sports betting industry we will focus on the FBS (Football Bowl Subdivison) because most times, those games will be the only ones you can place wagers on.

The teams in the FBS are mostly divided into conferences. There are some conferences where the schools involved are very well equipped to win a national championship and there are some that are not. College Football is not like the NFL where parity reigns. The differences between schools in the FBS can be rather stark. You can have the SEC, where most of the schools play in 90,000+ seat stadiums that are full every week, to the Sun Belt Conference where the schools have 20,000 seats and would be glad if 10,000 fans showed up.

When these schools are matched up against each other, the point spreads can look inviting. But be careful. A 42 point spread is a 42 point spread for a good reason. Just because both schools might be in the FBS, that does not make them equal. That is why we have done research on every team and you can read up on each school’s history, traditions, and results.

Featured Matchup
January 24, 11:00 PM
Viejas Arena
Best Odds
Team record
Best Odds
+1512 (-110)
-14 (-110)
144 o -110
144 u -110
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