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Antonio Brown Sticking to “Two Pumps” on Future Twerking Celebrations

Brown, Penalty

Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown scores a lot of touchdowns, and he certainly has no shortage of touchdown celebrations to go along with his big plays. But after his latest stunt drew a 15-yard penalty for excessive celebration, the star pass catcher has vowed to limit his routines in the future.

“I got to be smart in regards to [my celebrations],” Brown told CBS’s Doug Gottlieb during his TV show on Tuesday. “I never want to put my team in a bad predicament. Maybe I’ll keep [the twerking] to a minimum of two pumps instead of three.”

AB probably meant to say a maximum of two pumps, but we think he gets the message. The specific number of “pumps” refers to a famous sketch by comedians Key and Peele, in which an official only penalizes a player after his third pelvic thrust.

With players like Von Miller and Michael Bennett saving their team by limiting themselves to just two pumps, it appears the refs are in on the joke as well. When Brown scored his second touchdown of the night against Washington in week one, he went for an audacious five pumps in the endzone. Not that it mattered; the official was already reaching for his flag on the third thrust.

So, what’s the precedent here? At what point does a predetermined number of pumps go from celebrating your own accomplishment to mocking your opponent? The line has clearly been drawn, and guys like Brown would do well to heed the official stance on how much is too much.

As for not wanting to hurt his team by drawing unnecessary flags, Antonio may want to restrict his rule-breaking to when the game is a little more out of reach.

His penalty came after the Steelers opened up a three-score lead on the Redskins with plenty of time to go. It’s not exactly crunch time, but a no-nonsense coach like Mike Tomlin would probably prefer to see such shenanigans when the game is truly beyond doubt.


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