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Johnny Football Wants Back In

During an interview Monday on Good Morning America former star college football quarterback and NFL bust Johnny Manziel indicated he is bipolar, taking medication to control it, and has a goal of returning to play in the NFL.

Manziel said that he watches the guys doing what he wants to do – play football. While he “sits at home being a loser on the couch.”

Manziel says that approximately one year ago learned he was bipolar after being diagnosed with the disorder. He told his interviewer that he no longer drinks alcohol. Explaining that his alcohol use had been a way for him to “self-medicate” while battling his depression.

He added that he cannot help that his wires are a bit differently crossed compared to others and cannot help his mental makeup or the way he was created. However, he said he knows if he remains on his meds and continues doing what he is doing at this time, he thinks his parents and his girlfriend all agree that they have seen drastic changes.

In 2012, Manziel was the winner of the Heisman Trophy while playing for the Texas A&M Aggies. At the time, he became the first freshman to win the coveted award. After two successful seasons in college football, he was drafted in the first round in 2014 by the Cleveland Browns. However, following two less than remarkable seasons, his NFL career was over.

He now acknowledges that there is no one but himself to blame for his drinking binges shown across social media and problems with the law that included a charge for domestic assault.




He says that in the end he was left looking at the ceiling in a room alone battling depression. Manziel admits his behavior is what ultimately got him knocked out of the NFL and disgraced.

The former Browns signal caller has returned to working out. He is attempting to convince one NFL team to give him the opportunity for a second chance.

Johnny Manziel has no idea what type of comeback he will have. Although he knows he wants to return to the football field, which is what brought much joy to his life.

The NFL can be very unforgiving and only time will tell if a team will risk signing him for another opportunity.