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Panthers to Play Home Game Despite Unrest in Charlotte

Panthers, Home Game

Brief whispers that the Carolina Panthers were considering moving this weekend’s home game because of the Charlotte riots have been silenced by the NFL.

The Panthers were reportedly discussing the situation with both the league and local law enforcement, but remain confident that everyone will be safe should the game go ahead as planned.

“We are planning to play the game as scheduled on Sunday,” announced NFL representative Brian McCarthy in an email to media. “We are monitoring events in Charlotte and have been in communication with local officials and authorities, and both the Carolina Panthers and the Minnesota Vikings.”

The city of Charlotte has been classified as being in a “state of emergency” since protests over the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott quickly turned into riots on Wednesday night.

The incident has sparked yet another cry for America to have the conversation is has desperately been avoiding with regards to social injustice. This perceived wrong was what inspired Colin Kaepernick – and since then, many other athletes – to engage in peaceful protest by taking a knee during the national anthem; an act Kap continued to carry out when Carolina hosted San Fran last week.

The message has continued to spread since, with Richard Sherman opting to bypass reporters’ questions at his press conference in favour of discussing his stance on racial inequality.

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton offered up a similar opinion, calling the shooting “embarrassing” and stressing the importance of “holding people accountable – no matter what the race…the gender…the age.”

“I’m an African-American and I’m not happy with how justice has been dealt with over the years, and the state of oppression in our community, but we also as black people have to do right by ourselves,” Newton added. “We can’t be hypocrites. We have to have a clear eye vision on both sides and starts with everyone holding each other accountable and policing yourselves.”

With any luck, another strong performance from the home team in a tough matchup will help the city bond on Sunday afternoon, at least for a little while.