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The NFL prides itself on being a league of parity. And while they do a good job of putting everyone on a level playing field with their salary caps, free agent compensation and so forth, there are still some organizations who for whatever reason, seem to always be in contention and others who cannot seem to get there.

We have broken down each division for you and each team in them. We give you a history on each team, and who their statistical leaders are now. Note that there are teams like New England, New York Giants, Pittsburgh, Green Bay and Dallas who seem to win a bulk of the Super Bowls. That is not an accident.

Also note that there are teams like Cleveland, Detroit, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Houston, Miami and Buffalo, that just cannot seem to get over the hump. Again, that is not an accident. So do your homework when betting on the NFL, because we all know if you are a betting person at all, you WILL bet on the NFL.

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