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Las Vegas Odds


The Las Vegas sportsbook environment is breath-taking. Whether you’re an avid bettor, or a gambling novice, it truly is a marvellous sight to behold. For most people, it’s a daunting and overwhelming experience.

Wherever you look, the big betting boards are clear for all to see. There are various domestic fixtures, international events, soccer games, boxing matches, horse races and much more – it’s enough to send a newbie crazy. And to be fair, many people can go into a sportsbook and end up leaving because they are intimidated and confused.

Learn how to read odds

However, this is where we come in. Once you learn how to read the odds at a sportsbook, it is easy to start making wagers and placing bets. Most Las Vegas casinos offer incredibly basic betting options on their “big board”. These are by far the easiest ones to look at and are perfect for those who are a little timid and unsure of what they are doing.

Usually, these boards include spreads, money-lines and totals for major sporting events, such as football, baseball, basketball and ice hockey. Furthermore, most Vegas sportsbooks are now carrying odds on matches from the top international soccer leagues to attract fans from other countries.


The big board will also feature future bets on major leagues and events, including, but not limited to, the World Series, the Super Bowl and the World Cup. There are plenty of other futures bets and prop bets on other sports which can be printed out on sheets at the sportsbook – these are dotted around the casino floor and betting ring.

The two main rules

There are two main rules to remember; firstly, always consult the big boards. Odds are liable to fluctuate and those posted odds are what your bet will be based on – make a note of these. And secondly, ALWAYS check the odds on your ticket before leaving the betting window to make sure it was processed correctly.

So, what is the biggest difference between betting in a Las Vegas sportsbook and betting with a local or online bookmaker? Well, firstly you don’t tell the sportsbook clerk the name of the team you want to bet on. Instead, you give the number of that team. Please see below for an easy walkthrough example.

Let’s say the Houston Texans are facing the Cleveland Browns and you want to bet on Houston coming up trumps. Instead of going up to the clerk and saying “I would like to place a bet on Houston to win”, you will say “A bet on number …” – the numbers will be clearly noticeable next to the left of their respective teams.

It is that easy. Meanwhile, if you want to bet on the other team then simply choose the number one up or one down from this. Ultimately, the big board can put people off betting in Las Vegas sportsbooks, but it really shouldn’t. Just sit back, relax and enjoy a drink, and get involved – it’s fun!