Where To Go


The vast majority of sports wager in Nevada takes place in one of two locations: Las Vegas and Reno. While other areas such as Lake Tahoe and Carson City have casinos that offer sportsbooks, they make up a small percentage of the total money wagered at Nevada sportsbooks. Even though  Reno is a major center of sports wagering action, there’s little doubt that Las Vegas is far and away where to go if you want to bet on sports at a casino.

When you head to Las Vegas to bet on sports, you have several options. Where to go will likely depend on several factors, but the main one is what you are looking for out of a sportsbook experience. Las Vegas offers a variety of different sportsbooks, ranging from smaller sportsbooks that feel like remnants of another era to modern, state-of-the-art sportsbooks with electronic betting systems and walls of high-definition televisions and big-screen TVs.

For most sports fans, heading to large sportsbooks at major casinos such as the Westgate SuperBook, Caesar’s Palace or the Venetian offers an ideal sports experience. These sportsbooks typically offer the widest range of bets in a spacious and comfortable setting. They have huge TVs and plenty of seating, giving you a chance to kick back, place some bets and watch games with friends.

However, small casino sportsbooks have their own charm. Many hardcore bettors prefer small casino sportsbooks for several reasons. One reason is that many of the smaller casinos contract with William Hill to run their sportsbooks and their lines tend to be shaded to the public , so you can often find good value when going against the popular teams. There is also less likely to be a line just before game time, so a bettor may be able to wait until the last possible minute to place a bet after any late line moves.