Value Betting

Serious gamblers don’t gauge their success on the results of one night of betting. People who take sports betting seriously understand that it’s how much of a profit you make in the long haul that’s truly important. Having a nice night of betting is fine but it’s not as important as having a long-term betting strategy that can let you continue to make a profit over time. For gamblers like this, the idea of value betting is critical to assuring that they will be able to earn a steady return on their gambling investment.
Value betting removes the idea of trying to pick “sure-fire” winners from the equation. Instead, it makes betting more of a mathematical equation. Value bettors attempt to find bets where the potential return is greater than the odds the bet won’t be successful. For example, if a bet can return a 5-to-1 profit but will win one-third of the time, it makes sense to place the bet even though you expect to lose two-third of the time. That’s because the profits you make from one bet like this should more than cover the loses the rest of the time.
It’s tough for some bettors to fully embrace the concept of betting on outcomes that are more likely to go against you than for you. But winning bettors understand that value betting gives you the best chance to earn a profit over the course of months and years of betting.