Futures Betting Strategy


Many people consider futures betting to be only for recreational gamblers. Futures bets are the bets that you make on events that will happen sometime later instead of on an upcoming game. Typically, futures bets revolve around which team will win a championship. They are fun bets for the novice gambler who wants to have some money on their favorite team. But there are also big odds and a large potential for profit if you have a sound futures betting strategy.

The best futures betting strategy revolves around only placing bets where there is good value. Because the potential payoff from a futures bet won’t come for weeks or months, this means you won’t be able to invest this money in other bets. There also tends to be a decent amount of juice with futures betting, as oddsmakers need protection against deep underdogs winning a championship – forcing them to potentially pay off big wins.


This means that you’ll want to find instances where you believe a team’s likelihood of winning a title is greater than the posted odds. A team that is listed at 30-to-1 odds and has a one-in-eight chance of winning the title is a good investment; that same team at 6-to-1 odds is not a good bet, as the odds are less than what you believe their actual odds of winning the title are.

One of the most important factors in futures betting is shopping for the best lines. Futures lines can vary greatly between different online sportsbooks in comparison to game lines, which usually remain relatively consistent between sportsbooks. You’ll want to compare the different futures odds from different sportsbooks to make sure you are getting the best odds possible before making a bet – and BettingSports.com makes that easy, just visit the “odds” section of the sport you’re interested in. Placing money on a team might be a poor value at one sportsbook but a significantly better value at another one based on the odds. We’re here to make you money.