Line Shopping


One of the biggest benefits of betting through online sportsbook is the ability to see the different lines and odds that are available at different sites. Most Las Vegas sportsbooks tend to offer similar odds from game-to-game with little variance. If one casino does have better odds, you need to go there to find it or rely on word of mouth to find out about it. This isn’t the case with online sportsbooks. Simply clicking your mouse gives you access to the latest lines and odds and lets you see any moves that can impact your betting strategy.

Line shopping can be a very valuable thing to do if you are planning on making a large number of bets over the course of a season. Getting an extra half-point on a spread might not make the difference in a lot of games but there will be cases where it could be the difference between a push and a loss or win. Extend this over the course of a season and finding the best lines and odds can help you to maximize your profits and better manage your bankroll.


If you want to engage in line shopping, you’ll need to open up account at several different sportsbooks and then check the odds and lines offered at each before making a bet. Not only does this give you access to the best odds that you can find, but you’ll have more chances to take advantage of generous bonuses offered by sportsbooks for signing up.

Certain sportsbooks have reputations for being kind to particular types of bettors. If you like to wager on underdogs, Bovada is a must-have sportsbook, as their lines are frequently slanted towards the favorite. Underdog bettors are most likely to find the best odds at Bovada on a consistent basis.