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NFL Bye Week Betting Strategy


The institution of the bye week into the NFL schedule in 1990 added a complication to sports betting strategies. Before 1990, each team played 16 consecutive games and generally felt the impact of injuries and fatigue in the same way. However, the bye week changed that. Teams today coming off of a bye week have a chance to rest injuries and prepare for their upcoming opponents but also have the potential to come out flat after getting out of their weekly routine.

It’s important for sports bettors to recognize the importance of the bye week and develop a solid NFL bye week betting strategy. With bye weeks taking place throughout the season, it’s important to know which teams are coming off of a bye and how that might impact their performance. Bettors were quick to study the effects of the bye week and came up with a number of different betting systems, some of which are well-known throughout the betting community and others that are not.

One theory about bye weeks are that they benefit the better teams more than they do the weaker teams. This might seem illogical – after all, don’t bad teams need all the time they can get to prepare and rest for their next game? However, the numbers show a direct correlation between a team’s record before their bye week and their performance in the next game. It might be that better teams are better coached and are more well-equipped to take advantage of the extra week of preparation.

Road favorites coming off of their bye week have been a good bets over the years, while favorites of 6.5 or more points playing before their bye week have also covered the point spread at a healthy clip. Road underdogs of more than a field goal the week before their bye have covered the point spread at nearly a 60-perfect clip over the years, so there is plenty to be on the lookout for in the upcoming football season.