Parlay Betting Strategy


If you’re unfamiliar with multiple betting, then you won’t know much about parlays. If truth be told, parlays aren’t for everyone and are widely regarded as a contentious subject amongst serious gamblers. Some believe that parlays are sucker bets with weak odds that only appeal to people looking to earn a huge payday, whilst top gamblers believe that parlays are the key to beating the house and the system.

Risky strategy

If you have a decent parlay strategy, you can use it to your advantage to set yourself up for major success in the long run; unfortunately, parlays can also quickly become erratic. You have to make sure that you keep control of your parlays and avoid becoming too fixated on trying to claim back losses via giant accumulators. Ultimately, it’s a risky strategy with a high reward if you get lucky and manage to land your parlay.

Unfortunately, for parlay bettors, that’s the catch – you have to be perfect in order to win any money. Most people see the huge odds that can be won by playing a large parlay and usually end up disappointed when a 5-2 ratio wins you absolutely nothing in return. If you plan on partaking in parlays, it makes much more sense to spread bets around multiple smaller parlays of two to four teams.

While it costs more money to do this, you will feel the benefit of greater returns and a much better chance of actually winning money. You could also choose to make the last game of your parlay at a later date in order to give yourself time to hedge or cover your parlay with a single bet if you are close to a winning card. This is how professional bettors cover losses on parlays, especially when staking large amounts of money.


Research is key

It is crucial for those betting parlays to do the research on different payouts – each parlay can differ from time to time. Certain online sportbooks will offer payouts that are more generous than those at a standard Las Vegas sportsbook, usually to promote loyal customers and give something back to the bettors.

The parlay payout tables should be available at each respective sportsbook’s website, which is handy for those who like to research and shop around for value. The difference between a 5-to-1 payout and a 6-to-1 payout doesn’t sound much, but it could be huge for those placing larger stakes. After all, you want to earn as much money as possible and give yourself the best chance of making a major profit.

Parlays gaining popularity

Parlays have been labelled as “sucker bets” in the past but they are becoming more and more popular in the modern era. Professional gamblers aren’t afraid to back them if they can find several stale lines that encompass key numbers and enhanced odds – especially as most parlay cards are released quite early in the week. In fact, most weekend fixtures are available on a Tuesday or Wednesday and lines will change dramatically throughout the week.

Some choose to get their parlays placed early, whilst others wait and look for fluctuations in the odds. Whatever your technique, remember this: parlays can be dangerous. Don’t let your emotions override your logical ability to make decisions and remember, parlays can be fun – so enjoy!