Prop Betting Strategy


Many people consider prop bets to be nothing more than harmless fun and the type of thing done by amateur bettors. The most familiar prop bets come around the time of the Super Bowl, where casinos and sportsbooks will put odds down on anything from who wins the coin toss to how long the National Anthem will take to sing. Certainly, these types of bets aren’t worthy of serious betting consideration.

However, that doesn’t mean that prop bets aren’t valuable to look at if you are a serious gambler. In fact, some of the best betting values possible can be found in prop bets available throughout the course of a sports season. In many cases, you can use prop bets to cover yourself to ensure that your losses are low on your initial, traditional bet.


For example, you might bet that a favorite is going to win a football game. While you would put the majority of your money on the point spread, you might back that bet by putting smaller amounts of money on events that would favor the underdog. This could be the quarterback throwing for more than 300 yards or the defense causing more than two turnovers. This gives you a chance to earn back much of your main bet if you lose and still have a chance to win all of your bets. If the favorite jumps out to an early lead, the underdog may be forced to throw the ball often, which could help the quarterback hit 300 passing yards.

One sport where a prop betting strategy can be effective is baseball, since the sheer number of games means that you’re more likely to find the occasional prop bet that is skewed in your favor. Many prop bets revolve around the individual performances of key players. This can include the number of strikeouts recorded by the starting pitcher or the total hits by a big slugger. Showing patience when prop betting in baseball can have its rewards, especially if you identify that certain players perform well or poorly against certain batters or pitchers. When you get the right match-up, a well-timed baseball prop bet can be very profitable.