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Bonuses to Avoid

Many sportsbooks offer bonuses as an incentive to get you to start or continue to place bets with them. However, this doesn’t meant that all bonuses are created equal. Just like some bets are sucker bets and others are winners, some bonuses are nothing but trouble. Understanding the bonuses to look for and the bonuses to avoid will help you to get the most value out of your money and avoid some potential pitfalls down the road.

Some sportsbooks advertise big bonuses but structure them in a way that makes them all but impossible to collect on. These bait-and-switch tactics could include a high rollover requirement that makes you make a large volume of wagers before receiving your bonus. Bonuses can also be set up so they aren’t paid out for months or even years. With these types of bonuses, you might wager thousands of dollars before seeing even one cent of your “sign-up” bonus.


You should always read the requirements and rules of any bonus offering so that you can see if it’s a good deal and so that you know what is expected from you before you can collect on a bonus. Reading the rules thoroughly may allow you to see that the bonus isn’t quite as good as it initially looked and doesn’t fit your style of play.

In other cases, a bonus that seems too good to be true just might be that. If a sportsbook is offering an extremely high bonus, be cautious – especially if they are a sportsbook you are unfamiliar with or that doesn’t have a good reputation. They may be making claims of big bonuses because they aren’t planning on sticking around in business long enough to deal with paying them out. You might want to chase great bonuses, but don’t do it at the expense of putting your money into the hands of a disreputable sportsbook.