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Niners Look Impressive In Monday Night Win Against Division Rival Rams

After starting the season a disappointing 1-2, the San Francisco 49ers, who have reached the NFC Championship in each of the last three seasons, improved to 4-2 Monday night after a 31-17 win over NFC West division rival St. Louis Rams. Much like their previous two wins, which came in gritty come from behind fashion, […]

Sam Bradford Out For Season, Rams Out $17 Million

For the second time in as many years, St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford has gone down with a season ending injury. He suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee, the same injury to the same knee that took him down at midseason in 2013. The injury occurred on what looked to […]

Former Browns QB Bernie Kosar Arrested for DUI

Bernie Kosar, the troubled former quarterback of the troubled Browns, was pulled over just before 3 AM on Sunday for speeding in suburban Cleveland. The officer who pulled him over noticed a strong odor of alcohol emanating from Kosar, who was alone in his vehicle, prompting him to conduct a field sobriety test. Which Kosar […]

Everyone Hates Thursday Night Football

Unfortunately not everyone on Twitter has command of the English language and the masterful use of sarcasm that rogue sportswriter Bill Simmons possesses. But his overarching point—that Thursday Night Football is THE WORST—certainly seems to be the consensus. Football fans have been giving their tweetin’ fingers a workout tonight, that’s for sure. There has been […]

Unemployed Wide Receiver Titus Young Will Probably Be Unemployed Forever

When an NFL team drafts a player, particularly at a skill position, in the first or second round of the draft, they are usually given a longer leash than players taken in later rounds. They’re a bigger financial investment, presumably with greater talent, making them more worth some extra patience. That length of that leash […]

Niners and Seahawks Prepare for Playoffs in Week 17

No one is hotter right now in the National Football League than the Seattle Seahawks with the possible exceptions of Washington and Cincinnati but it’s the way the ‘Hawks are doing it. They’ve scored 42 or more points in three straight weeks including a 42-13 whipping of San Francisco in Seattle last Sunday night. The […]

Could the NFC West Suddenly Be One of the Toughest Divisions in Football?

OK, throw the Arizona Cardinals out of that equation for right now. Anytime you lose 58-0 in a professional football game the word ‘tough’ should not be used within a 100-yard radius of you. With that said, this division has suddenly taken on the look of a potentially brutal one as San Francisco, Seattle and […]